Little Green Tomatoes

Tiny Seeds of Goodness

So, why “Little Green Tomatoes?”

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So, why the name of “Little Green Tomatoes?”

a. Well, why not?

b. We could take the philosophical approach.  Little green tomatoes are perfect tiny versions of their grown-up selves, with clear, smooth, skin, and a perky cap of green.  Swollen with promise – as I would hope for my blog to be.

As it is with blog entries, some little green tomatoes will no doubt drop from the vine, shrivel, disappear, and never realize their full potential.  Some will be plucked before their prime, but with some TLC, a warm spot on a sunny windowsill, and some time, will ripen into quite adequate “fruit”. And some, if allowed enough time and the right nurturing, will ripen into deliciousness on the vine.  Perhaps with bumps or ridges, their perfect green cap having turned a bit gray. Perhaps a bug bite or two, an asymmetrical ‘lean’, and a couple of places where the skin wasn’t quite elastic enough to accommodate the swelling of goodness within.  Ahhhh, but all the more deliciously, perfectly ripe and delightful!

In a sense, little green tomatoes are an intriguing metaphor for this infant blog of mine.

c. Or, we could just go with – it’s cute and kind of fun to say – the words roll out quickly and with a little “skip in their step”.

As you will notice, little green tomatoes turn up in the craziest places.  You just never know where you might find a little green tomato.

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