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The Light Changed Today

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The light changed today.

The morning air was cool and moist.

The birdsong was noticeably more quiet than usual – only the soulful call of the mourning doves on the wire and the soft chirping of female cardinals roosting in the big azaleas and privets.  And then, the beautiful melody of a wood thrush came echoing through the trees, just beyond the creek.

A low-slung mist hung heavy over the tasseled corn in the field across the road.

As the morning sky began to lighten and the first rays of the sunrise began to twinkle through the trees, the word “burnished” came in to my mind.

Dewdrops caught on the remnants of last night’s spider webs sparkled like iridescent glass in those first rays of sunlight.

I just stood there, drinking in the sights, the sounds, the feel of that first hint of Autumn – letting it seep into me.

We have plenty of hot sticky summer days to get through before Autumn truly arrives.  But change is in the air and in the light.

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