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About Me

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Hello, I’m Kate – writer, reader, creative, admirer of our awe inspiring Earth and the miracles in and around all of us.  Little Green Tomatoes blog is dedicated to sharing simple goodness.
  • Inspiration and simple food for thought
  • Good food, simple recipes
  • Beauty, nature, simple ways to put a little goodness out in to the world
Follow along if you like!  We can sow some tiny seeds of goodness together!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congratulations on your new blog adventure – I’m already a huge fan of your musings – can’t wait for more posts!!


  2. Wow, KT – Tiny Windows was deep – I know you speak from a place of authority on the subject – experiencing so much. I hope to learn from your insights on living & loss. Thank you for sharing. Xxoo


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